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Child Law Advice

The Child Law Advice Service provides free legal advice on child, family and education law to people based within England. They seek volunteers to assist with telephone and email advice. It is a requirement that volunteers have or are studying family, child or education law. At present applications will be speculative due to lockdown, as you will need to go to Colchester once a week to partake in the scheme.

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Volunteer in the London (Farringdon) office for this charity providing help to those faced with the death penalty in the United States. Volunteers need to commit to 14 hours across 2 days a week for 3 months. Apply no earlier than 4 months before you required placement date. Studying law is desirable but not required.

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Amnesty International is an organisation of over 10 million people who campaign for human rights. Voluntary and paid internships organised via their research headquarters, the International Secretariat, can be accessed through this sign up link.


The Unity Project

The Unity Project believe that the No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) policy is discriminatory and should end. They help people affected to access the welfare safety net in times of hardship. They offer various volunteer opportunities, including casework which requires no prior experience. You can also become a free school meals advocate or food bank volunteer. 



Amicus is looking for an LSE student representative. Student groups help with fundraising, increase awareness about the use of capital punishment in the US, and inspire participation in Amicus programmes. Although their official deadline has passed, contact the team to organise this independently.

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From fundraising, book selling, shopping and donating, Amnesty International have a easy array of ways you can become involved in their fight for the protection of human rights worldwide. There are also links to other jobs and volunteer opportunities on this page.

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Reprieve is a legal action NGO focusing on human rights issues such as unlawful detention, the death penalty, Guantánamo Bay, and torture. The structured 10 week internship programme is offered to all students who can provide an external funding source from their university or public interest fellowship. Interns are recruited on a rolling basis; ensure to include the documents outlined  on the webpage.

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Amicus is a small charity that helps provide representation for those facing the death penalty in the United States. This 3 month voluntary internship in the US allows volunteers to carry out vital work for capital defenders facing severe funding constraints. For students with a law degree or equivalent professional experience.

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Amnesty International have career opportunities including staff, volunteer and internship vacancies available at their offices around the world. If you don't see an appropriate vacancy at the moment you can register for alerts to keep you updated.