Emily is the President of the Lawyers Without Borders Division at LSE. Her role involves overseeing the work of the division, including its admin and finances, and liaising with the Law Society to effectively fund, organise and promote our events and activities. Emily is a passionate advocate for legal aid and social justice, and believes pro bono work is vital and valuable in all fields of law. As President of LWOB, she hopes to engage students in the work of the division and teach them about current Human Rights issues across the world. In her free time, Emily enjoys yoga, travelling, debate and going to the theatre. 


External VicePresident

As the Vice President of External Projects, Ananya is responsible for conceptualising and overseeing the execution of events which bring together a range of legal practitioners, academics and students for discussions surrounding the themes of rule of law and human rights. She has organised events aimed at exploring the intersection between human rights and commercial law, indigenous rights and state intervention in the cyberspace, for which she liaised with speakers from the House of Lords, Amnesty International UK, Privacy International, Matrix Chambers, Doughty Street Chambers and Brick Court Chambers, among others, as well as careers and social events. She is currently volunteering at the Disability Law Service, and has previously interned at The Litigant in Person Network. Feel free to reach out to her if you have any suggestions for events you would like to see LWOB host.



Internal Vice President

As the Vice President of Internal Projects, Viktorija manages the functioning of the LWOB Faces of Social Justice Blog, the Rule of Law Journal, as well as relevant internship and volunteering opportunities. This includes working closely with the Editor-in-Chief and the Careers Officer. Passionate about law and social justice, Viktorija has previously mentored students on the schools ‘Pathways to Law’ programme for years, served as Campus Director for the international ed-tech charity ‘Project Access’, and finally, acted as our very own Editor-in-Chief! She hopes to put her experience to good use by working hard to promote the works of LWOB and impact the world at large, one step at a time. 



As the Editor in Chief of the Rule of Law Journal and Blog, Ariba aims to run publications that are not only academically engaging and insightful, but laced with empathy, compassion and a desire to amend the very many injustices we see around us today. Now more than ever, she feels it is important to look beyond populist opinion and media narrative to dissect issues at the heart of human rights struggles around the world. She hopes that as Editor, she can make our publications accessible and relevant to students and potential contributors alike.

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Communications Officer

As the Communications Officer, Elizabeth ensures the smooth running of internal processes that keep the committee well-organised. She is also responsible for promoting and publicising LWOB’s events and initiatives to the LSE community. As a firm believer in the potential of pro bono work to improve access to justice and provide essential legal aid, she hopes to encourage students of all backgrounds to discover how they can contribute to social justice causes. 


Careers Officer

As Careers Officer, Sarah's role involves liaising with law firms, charities and NGOs to secure social justice volunteering opportunities for students and organising networking events for those interested in careers in human rights. Her interest in social justice issues is motivated by the six months she spent working for an NGO in favelas in Rio de Janeiro with youth vulnerable to joining the drug trade. Sarah enjoys trying out new recipes and listening to music.



Events Manager

As Events Manager, Eunice is involved in the organisation of events related to human rights,  discussing topics often deemed controversial and possibly even taboo by some.  She is particularly interested in understanding the connections between human rights and political activism, as well as human rights and the freedom of religion.  Eunice wishes to incorporate human rights issues currently happening around the globe into the ongoing dialogue that LWOB is actively a part of and explore these issues in a constructive manner, with help from experts in the field which the team will be working with for our upcoming events.


Events Officer

As Events Manager, Sophie's role involves the conceptualization, organization and execution of events, liaising with individuals in the law sector, political, diplomatic and financial arena. She is a dedicated to social change and believes in the power of pro bono work and the wider law in creating change. Doing both Anthropology and Law, she is particularly interested in the Intersectionality of the legal system and how it benefits communities of colour that were historically marginalized.